Being An Individual

If you like essential oils, tarot, crystals… etc., it is likely you have been accused of hating science.

Now I know many of us are not science illiterate – we are simply enjoying our lives.

I used to be against spirituality/spiritual practices and I saw it as people lying to themselves.
I was ignorant. This does happen but now I realize it also often doesn’t. These are tools to unpack some terrible childhoods and engage/soothe your inner child.

I used to be involved in the scientific community. I had some bad experiences.
One of the reasons I hate where psychology degrees are headed – there is a lack of rigour. You can get anything published so long as you somehow fix a p-value and a confidence interval with a catchy title. Again, not everyone does this, but it is a problem.

As far as my interest in oils and tarot…

I just like how my essential oils smell. As for tarot, it is equivalent to using a different lens through which to view things.You can like things without science giving you permission to like them. And you can like things even if you disagree with the majority opinions of the community surrounding those things. For example, I like tarot as a tool to view life in different ways using symbols. I don’t ever say I am “predicting the future” or “talking to your long lost relatives”.
I am not the only one who is like this, but it seems as soon as you develop –any– interest mildly associated with the “anti-science” community you get lumped in with them.
FYI there are some professors that teach advanced bio/chem but they still engage in some interesting spiritual practices (i.e., using Divining Rods). Shocking? Well maybe it shouldn’t be.
There is a delightful number of individuals who want to live symbolically and aesthetically pleasing lives, which can involve some unexpected quirkiness.
And yet that kind of quirk could easily be turned against them to discredit their work, which is such bullshit. Ad hominem runs rampant still – discredit the person based on one thing so no one listens to their arguments or their work. We see this everywhere. People are slowly hiding their quirks unless it is being lauded by mainstream media.
A surveillance country – we have groups that are made specifically to humiliate people who screw up. We are all too happy to join in a conversation hating on a person and the mob screams “they deserve it”. One person vs the judgement of thousands? There are very few circumstances where I can think of that as “deserved”. I can see how this would make anyone in the scientific community shy away from embracing anything (openly) in case they are “outed” and lose funding, respect, etc.
In an age where we should be embracing our individuality we are still fighting to keep it alive on multiple levels. The mobs are alive and real. Our bodies may not be attacked as in the days of old, but our psyches are certainly under attack and constant surveillance via social media.
Some of us just want to enjoy life sometimes. Sometimes we just want to be the fool and to engage with our inner child – carefree, happy, and imaginative. If you’re one of those people, I totally get it.

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