In Defense of Tarot

Tarot cards – when people here about Tarot, they think that everyone who performs a reading thinks that they are interacting with spirits/trying to predict the future.
It is true that some readers do believe this, but not all of us do. Myself and other readers engage with the cards as tools to see life from a different perspective.

Over the past few years, I have noticed there are a few people who are terrified of Tarot cards. They tend to fear invoking evil spirits. As I understand, it is not spirits that need fearing but your own thoughts. In a sense, if you take each reading (or each possibility in each reading) too seriously, there are these risks:

-Taking a reading too seriously
-Creating self-fulfilling prophecies
-Disappointment when a possibility does not come to pass
-Intense anxiety over a possibility

-Anger when you don’t get the cards you want

These feelings can likely make someone feel as though an evil spirit has been unleashed upon them. When something as innocuous as a card can invoke that reaction, it is no wonder we feel uneasy!
The first card that I drew from my Rider-Waite deck was the Death card. Gee, that’s reassuring! However, this card is symbolic of new beginnings and the passing of phases. Sure it was a bit jarring, but it was extremely appropriate because my Tarot journey was just beginning and my disdain for spirituality was ending.

I couldn’t have got
the Sun instead?

I often find myself needing to take a break from Tarot because the number of possibilities revealed by the cards is overwhelming. It is natural to stop if you find Tarot induces such anxiety. The key is to find a healthy balance for yourself where your readings are natural and fluid to you. They will not always be this way – do not worry. If Tarot is not working for you, you should stop. There is no sense in putting yourself out of whack trying to force a piece of life to fit into your puzzle.
This begs the question –

How do you know Tarot “works” for you?
-You feel fulfilled afterwards
-You have a sense of clarity about your life
-It makes you excited
-It felt right
-You aren’t taking it too seriously/still open to myriad possibilities
-You can accept good/bad possibilities without feeling overwhelmed by either

You are playing with your own mental energy when you engage in work with symbols. This mental energy is crucial to learn to balance – and why things like Tarot can be an interesting learning tool. You can feel your own reactions to possibilities – then you can confront those reactions if you do not like them. However, you cannot do this all of the time and some days are not meant for such things.

It is important to protect your mental balance and Tarot is simply one of many tools with which you can do it. Crystals are a great way to learn to focus and meditate on specific “feelings” – you can sit with a crystal and try to find a frequency you hum that you feel works for your crystal. In this, you are again, playing with the abstract mental energy we tend to forget exists.

In sum, Tarot is a tool you can use to enrich your life. It does not need to be scary, nor do you need to be interested in interacting with spirits, etc. Everyone has different beliefs on the matter but I think it is healthy for the mind to interact with symbols and to learn how to balance out reactions to them. Tarot is just one tool to do this and there are many ways. Your goal is to find what works for you and know which tools enrich your life the most.

With Love,

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