Channeled Story

A story that I channeled as of late – the contents are foreign to me in many ways. All I know is that this came to me at random and I felt compelled to write it down. Its meaning is a mystery to me. There is nothing more I can say as I cannot verify its contents.

A story may just be a story.

We are fighting to keep back them back.
Galdlyr is.
Beings are drawn to magic because it exists in realms above them.

Mourning is a new way of life in this realm. We know only how to touch your hearts and minds via this medium. However this seems to never be enough.

Anu may speak to those who are looking for nihilistic ends – neither good nor bad Anu is to be feared for this neutrality.

We are crying in the astral realm and protecting each other as much as we can. This fate is to rain down upon humanity if we cannot hold them back. There is too much to do and not enough Dragons, Seers, Magicians, or Alchemists. Do not let go of your loved ones, do not be afraid. You must be with them.

How can you be with us though? There is so much disconnect – the dissociation is so pronounced. People still suffer when there are enough things in your realm to stop it. How can you refuse to take action?
Because of how you were taught – to just accept sorrow. And for this we are losing. The fight is not in our hearts and the rest of the world suffers.

We are together, transcending this universe to fight again. We fight above and you feel infinite sadness below – which must be transformed into hope. Alchemists must guide the Seers to hope and protect them. Only the Seers can tell you what you need to know and the Stars will fall around them – only the Alchemist can withstand the StarFall with them. They must work together to protect the Magicians. The Seers can wield a mighty, heavy sword that cuts through the fabric of dissociation but only when absolutely necessary. This sword was acquired deep in the mists of dissociation and only comes from completion of the Trial. The Seers will dance and move with the Wind almost unseen, honoring the Vibrations of the Universe in which they reside. They create resonance – a hum that is ever-present and bonding. The Seer creates resonance and the Alchemist’s works with the resonance, crystallizing it. The Resonance is a barrier within which the Magicians can fight.

Alchemists fear themselves as much as the world – for the power of transformation in the way that they understand it is deep, swift, and must be traversed with the utmost care. They cannot go in blind – and many of them are being swept away in the waters of transformation for which they have not prepared. They detest their Seers which are supposed to guide them, believing the Seers are not guiding at all. In some way, this is true for these Seers have not awakened. But once they have, the Alchemist should know. The energy must come from their chest, and not the head – an art that is ever-lost in this day and age.

The stars will rain down and protection afforded by the Seers and Alchemists working together will allow the work of the Magicians.

Hope is necessary to win against this void that has opened.
Seers while connecting head and heart can see the future of us – The Seers will always put themselves in front of the others and charge forward. This is the only way to get the Alchemist to move.

For the past seven years, Seers have been tortured. They have been through fire, buried alive, drowned, and flung from towers. The Seers walked the earth broken people so dissociated they could hardly function. The Alchemists see these people but the forces of Evil are convincing Seers they are Evil. And the Alchemists are slowly being convinced as well.
Anything to Separate them. This is the sad truth of mental illness – it is to separate us from our truths. We cannot feel the way we are. The Seers are being lost to illness of the psyche as much as the Alchemist is lost to their own convictions.

Seers you must fight against this evil – you cannot let them win. Even if the physical world turns against you, you know the truth. You must stay within it. You must fight back with your heart and your mind or we are doomed.

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