In an effort to connect to myself, chaos, shadow, and wild woman, I’ve been paying close attention to plants.

Plants (for me) are hard to differentiate. I typically see certain plants and think “Stay away!” almost automatically but I’m not at the point where I feel comfortable identifying plants for anything other than interest.

For example, Yarrow and Hemlock look alike. The biggest give away is Yarrow’s leaves which look more like a feather than a typical leaf.

After trying to study noxious weeds and prohibited plants I’ve acquired a newfound respect for them. The plants that do not poison humans or cause harm directly can destroy livestock grazing areas or take over land where crops grow. These plants often seem to have been brought in for ornamental purposes but were ultimately poor choices. There are some noxious plants that are still sold despite the risks they pose to crops.

Anyhoo, it seems to me an important thing to learn as I move away from the ideas brought to us by globalization. That is to say, figuring out how I might get along in this area if we didn’t have goods brought to us from across the world? I’m learning how far away we are from the wild, the survival instinct, senses, and understanding of natural patterns. Even things like cloth making, textiles, are outsourced and often to the disadvantaged people in other countries who are essentially forced into slavery. The cognitive dissonance rung in my head this year… how could I claim to stand for freedom of my purchases support modern day slavery? Even our electronics require metals that are sourced from shady companies that mistreat/underpay the miners. We are forgetting that everything has a beginning, middle, and end. We have the great luxury of being in the middle – we do not create nor do we really deal with much of our waste unless we are specifically employed to do so – all of us are being trapped in neat boxes, disconnected and divided. My own small part in this has begun – the hope that I can face my disconnect, my denial, my dissonance head on.

What are your thoughts?

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