A Nightmare to Remember

—> a world half light and half dark. There are traps everywhere. Humans do dangerous things for fun. Suddenly the world is overrun with monsters. We try to figure out what is real. The monsters eat humans. At the end of a long hallway is a green monster lying in wait. Trapped in a large room there is an abyss… a black hole. It is resonating at a lower frequency and you can only be sucked in if you get too close. The goal is to slow it down enough to walk through it to the other side. This is the only escape. We realize that, for reasons unknown to us, throwing anything vaudeville in causes it too slow down. We don’t have enough vaudeville memorabilia to throw in. I approach this void and the Ruler of the monsters steps out. He says: I do not believe we will need this anymore. His underlings are proceeding in line through the room to a portal. The room is darker and all of us have been grabbed. They take us away and some of the monsters want to keep us. However there is a one who eats memories. The Ruler asks me to arrange people in order of importance – a horrible task and one I was unable to do in a fair way. The memory eater was impatient. He dove in with no mercy.

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