Your Door

Flow with me in this stream of consciousness

The threshold beckons to all and yet, none may cross. The life of the tormented soul. Savior of your soul – you – you need to survive.

Can you flow through the cycles of memories from your past or are you tied up by them? Do they silence you? Are they seeking attention?

Obliterating darkness is failure. The curling ends of its embrace ever mark your heart, and in a most histrionic fashion, let others watch you suffer through your past. Reliving it in front of everyone whilst they only see your figure trembling from their threshold.

Equally, you will never pass theirs and nor can you assist. This is the liminal existence we live in. Whether or not you treasure your breath in those moments… well, either way it will hurt. One way, you will turn away from yourself. In the other, you will turn towards. Even if it means some people run from the doorway…

Who do you want at your door?

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