Questioning Vibes

Another very popular saying is to “trust the vibes” you get…

Now, for me, I have learned that I cannot do this. As someone who has struggled with trusting people, going with vibes would leave me friendless.

I do admire those who can trust their vibes but I cannot.

For the people who cannot trust vibes – what do we do? Well, we need to partly fall back on reason and yet still be fully engaged with feelings, no matter how intense… not allowing feelings to overpower our desire to reason and not allowing reason to degrade our emotions.

There are many reasons you could get bad “vibes” from someone – one of those reasons being that something about a person triggers you. The “vibe” has little to do with them but it feels personal.

Vibes do not have to adhere to facts. Neither do feelings. This does not mean we can dismiss them in any way but we must admit to ourselves they can be wrong or misguided.

I do not doubt that body language and other communication cues produce give us those vibes. I do not doubt that some people are genuinely very good at picking up on vibes. I just cannot!

I trust consistent communication and boundaries. I suppose that is all that can be done.

If we are talking about the “vibes” in a room I believe it changes a bit. If a room feels or smells off you bet I’m not going to stay long. If I am outside and start to feel unsafe, I trust it – just in case.

When it comes to people though, I just feel too much damage can be done if you are naturally a very cynical and suspicious type.

If you are someone who refers to vibes, what does it mean to you? How do you manage to “do it right” or differentiate different energies?

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