Avoidance – A Strength?

I have my run-ins with avoidance in the worst ways. Lately, I have been trying to avoid “the right things”!

There are times when you should avoid people or things.
For example:
Consistently very negative people that are not trying to change
Passive-Aggressive people or people who consistently attack others
Malicious gossip (in my world, it generally doesn’t include venting but it really depends on the context!)

In the past, I would let myself listen to a lot of negative voices. It was my crusade – trying to prove I was “strong enough” to hear people out. Guess what? I did it. At what cost though? I am not saying “Avoid all negativity!” because that is completely ridiculous. We cannot do that and realistically interact with compassion or authenticity if we don’t listen! There’s always a line though – where’s your line?

When I am caught up in social media tirades, what others think of others (i.e., gossip) it erodes my mental health, boundaries, happiness, and time. I didn’t really need to prove a thing, other than get my work done so it can stand for itself. You know what doesn’t help you get started or continue? The overwhelming fear of the negativity that might be directed at you for failing – our brains take the feedback from others that is negative and we think “Oh no that could be me!” and suddenly we find ourselves going after distractions and avoiding our work.

Avoidance is a strength when employed with intention and you have a direction!

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