Passion v. Courage

What is passion in me? Is it the undeniable desire to press forward without thought? The distinct knowing that something must be? Alas, a passionate heart will always believe it knows in hope of finding love that always knows!

Passion seems to be a force that drives creative types to insanity. We cannot simply remove it from ourselves to go on. The process of taming passion takes a long time for an artist. How do we learn to block it up long enough to do it right?
What a terrible and frightening existence it can help create – it is part of the very foundation from which we are built.

If passion collapses, so do I!

Courage can inflame passion and it can hold it back. Courage is the door through which passion can be allowed. It may be seen by some, that courage has no place with passion other than to catalyze it.

Well – I disagree.

It is a courageous act to see passion for what it might be – for its capacity to burn too hot, too heavy, and to ruin. It is an act of courage to block passion for the greater good of the one that wields it.

Lovers, artists, and the like are often confused by courage when it protects them. Courage becomes fear to their unmatched desire. It is natural for want to twist resistance to a fear.

There are very few times where want without fear is permissible. Those times are protected by courageous hearts who wish to do good, and then do it.

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