Consultation and Program

This is a strength-based/positive behavior support program.
I can offer the following:
-assistance with routines
-accountability for maintaining and creating them
-focus on your strengths to define your life goals
-incorporation of art, music, tv, books, etc, to define the positive behaviors you wish to emulate.

I use my experience as a behavioral aid/behavioral coach to help you gain clarity about your life, your goals, and how to achieve them.

This is not counselling or therapy.
I am not offering counselling for mental illnesses or trauma, nor am I qualified to offer it. They are beyond my scope of practice. You will be required to sign a consent form indicating that you understand my role as a strength-based/positive behaviour support, the limitations of my services and that of the program, and that you agree to program guidelines.
While you are not required to disclose any personal information to me, you will agree that you will seek out the appropriate resources as needed.
This is to ensure your well-being and to set our boundaries as clearly as we can to form a good foundation for the work we will do.

I consult with you on Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime to figure out what it is that motivates you, what defines you, what your passions are. I go over your current routines and self-care practices to get a better idea of how I can help you.
The two things you should feel after this consultation are clarity and connection. This is the best way to figure out if my program works for you without a large investment.
$25 per consultation. Time: 1-2 hours.

Individualized Program:
Once we do this, and you believe we connected well, we can create an individualized plan.
Plans are flexible and can be adjusted to fit your needs and budget.

An example of a personalized plan*:
a) Photography
This photography does not have to include pictures of you. It could be pictures of an old place, a creative expression of emotion, etc.
b) Road trips or meet ups at places you choose that inspire you.
c) Check ins/mentorship throughout the course of the plan.
d) Creative writing or crafting.
e) Meet ups to discuss books, music, shows, philosophy, art, etc that were highly impactful to you.
f) Improve your ability to use these impactful moments to launch yourself towards defining your life goals.

This plan is intended to help you figure out where you want to be, who you want to be, and why. Prices vary depending on what you would like to include, and plan length. Please send me a written document indicating your intentions, ideas, and preferred length of time to complete this plan. If you are unable to write, please call me and I will talk with you instead.

Your Will (aka, your Life Purpose)
Once the above two steps are completed, you send me a written declaration of your life’s purpose. How will you know? Your purpose will not be optional. It will feel as necessary as the air you breathe!
At this stage, we work together to get you connected to local businesses, people, media, etc., to help you.

*Guidelines and Ethical Considerations
This is a program for adults (18 and older) who are able to legally provide verbal or written consent. In the event you are an adult who is unable provide consent independently, we can still work together if you have a guardian who is willing to obtain the appropriate note from a psychologist as well as give their own written consent.

Depending on the consultation, I may ask for a note from a registered psychologist (no exceptions) indicating that you are committed to your well-being and that they believe it would be in your best interest to pursue. If at any time during the program you begin to suffer from any mental illness, threaten your safety, or the safety of others, or breach the guidelines, it may result in a temporary withdrawal from the program until I receive a note from a registered psychologist indicating that this work is healthy for you.

At no time will I accept anyone on behalf of anyone else. If you wish, you could purchase a consultation as a gift for a loved one and allow them to make the decision.

I reserve the right to refuse services based on safety, security, location, breach of guidelines/ethics, failure to pay as per our agreement, failure to show, verbal/physical/emotional abuse, and any other reasons that indicate we will not be able to work together towards your best interests in accordance with pre-established guidelines.

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