Essential Oils

I have used essential oils to create strong routines that are healthy and safe for my home. When I wake up, I diffuse my oils while I go about my morning routine to help me focus on my physiological state. The scents help me to remain grounded and focused. I have stopped buying (and wasting!) bottles of cleaners and beauty products in favor of DIY methods that involve using what I already have at home.

Health, Wealth, and Sustainability

Homemade multipurpose cleaning sprays, homemade oil blends, lotions, salves, balms, gum, candy, detergents, wipes, cosmetics… you can take control over your home using essential oils.

You will no longer have to buy cleaning products, lotions, etc., at a grocery store. You can make everything to your own specifications. In the long term, it saves you time, money, and helps the environment. It takes only a few drops of essential oils to make a difference in your homemade cleaning or beauty products.

DoTerra is committed to ensuring that the environment is not harmed by their sourcing methods. They work to create sustainable sourcing and create ethical workplaces for the people they employ.

Enrollment Information

If you are interested in receiving wholesale pricing and sharing your love of essential oils, you may want to enroll. Enrollment requires the purchase of an enrollment kit which will be one of the most cost effective ways to get started. Your purchase covers the cost of a DoTerra membership and gets you a good set of oils to start.
As a Wellness Advocate, you will be network marketing. You are paid commission based on how many items your customers purchase and you are paid a percentage of the earnings from people who sign up to your program.

Common question: Is this a pyramid scheme?
No. Pyramid schemes involve an investment of money with a promise of large returns. Pyramid schemes operate on the premise of faith and offer no real products in return for investment.
Purchasing an enrollment kit from DoTerra guarantees you receive products and that you will receive commissions from your sales if you choose to be an active affiliate. At no point are you “locked in” or required to make more purchases and what you make from DoTerra as an advocate is clearly stated on their commissions page.
The alternative to enrollment is purchasing a yearly membership with DoTerra to receive wholesale pricing. A yearly Canadian membership costs $42. If network marketing is not your cup of tea, I recommend this route!

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